About Ion Bitzan

Ion Bitzan is one of the founding fathers of contemporary Romanian art. His influential works range from Dada textualist experiments, object aesthetics, social-realist painting and sculpture to postmodernist installations. Ion Bitzan is one of the first artists to explore book-objects as a medium, creating elaborate hand-made sculptural book compositions.

During the communist regime in Romania, Ion Bitzan was an artist of the state, creating works that celebrated socialism, yet privately, the artist created works that expressed his personal vision of freedom, a secret manifesto that addresed the repression instituted by communism and censorship. Has experimented with collage, assemblage, painting, conceptual art-objects, sculpture and mixed media. His works have been showcased nationally and internationally in various individual and collective exhibitions.

N e w s

Lot 93 (#327/2019 Galeriile Artmark). The signature, the pencil, the sharpener, the eraser are not by Ion Bitzan (1924-1997). This information will be included in the Bitzan’ s catalogue raisonne.

Artmark, the auction-house in Bucharest, Romania, in its auction of November 21st, 2018 listed „Historia Naturalis” as „signed IB, dated (19)93” and attributed it to „Ion Bițan” (sic). We notified Artmark that there are doubts regarding their attribution, they went ahead with the sale nevertheless. I shall add this work to the database only after a thorough expertise.